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How to Choose a Leaf Removal Service

Some homeowners don’t need the full-service leaf removal service, while others would prefer not to deal with the chore. While it can be time-consuming, some homeowners just don’t have the time to tackle the task on their own. Plus, not all homeowners are physically fit enough to remove leaves on their own. Having bad backs, bad knees, or sore hands can make the task difficult or impossible. Thankfully, there are services that specialize in removing leaves for homeowners.

To make sure you’re able to get the most out of leaf collection, plan ahead by raking your leaves at least a week before the start of the service. To ensure the best results, place them in a “wind-row” pile on your curb, about 10 feet away from a storm water basin or inlet. Also, remember that the leaf collection service only works on residential properties, so don’t expect the company to remove leaves from commercial properties.

Another thing to keep in mind when hiring a leaf removal service is to get a contract in writing. Before the contractor begins work on your home, make sure the contract details exactly what you need done. The scope of the project should be clearly laid out, including the area to be cleared and the payment method. Beware of contractors who try to work out verbal agreements. In addition, make sure they maintain records and provide references. If there’s a question in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask.

If you’re unsure of the price of a leaf removal service, check out the Better Business Bureau for complaints against specific companies. In many cases, complaints are simply the result of misunderstood contracts or an unsatisfactory service. Regardless of the price, make sure to get a written contract that outlines the work that will be done. You can also ask for a free estimate. Make sure to ask for all the documentation and make sure to review it before you make a final decision. Then, you can hire a service again next autumn if the leaves are a major problem in your yard.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a leaf removal service is whether you can do it yourself. Some services use vacuum systems or leaf blowers. However, if the leaves are huge or there are too many trees in the yard, you’d probably be better off hiring a professional. They will collect the leaves, bag them and dispose of them in the proper manner. Hiring a leaf removal service eliminates the hassles of the chore and will protect your lawn’s health and create a more beautiful landscape.

Another benefit of hiring a leaf removal service is that they’ll help you avoid the hazards of the fallen leaves. In addition to the potential danger of diseases, they may also provide a home for unwanted pests. Hiring a leaf removal company can help you keep your property and your family safe. The experts will also remove any objects that may have fallen on your yard, like chairs and tables. A professional will also be able to offer a free estimate.

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